How many Print on Demand products to start with?

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Any guru on the internet in the Print on Demand space will tell you to “Just Start” and now that you have you may have the same questions this reddit user had:

I’m thinking to start a POD around normalizing not wanting to workout.. If you have your own store/platform that you sell your products on, how many did you start with? I’ve seen POD with 17 Tshirts but all the same design with different colors and some have like 50 different products.. just wondering what is a good starting point for someone that’s just starting off.?

– Reddit User

Now that you have decided you want to start a career in internet marketing, more specifically as a Print on Demand store you must decide how many products you want to launch with.

Should I start my Print on Demand journey with just a few products?

A person just starting out should lead with their most popular designs first. Upload a dozen or so of those designs on shirts, mugs, or whatever you your niche relates to and start marketing them on your socials or in advertisements.

You will find that these designs will either start popping off and become popular or they were complete duds. If they are not as popular as you’d hope you can use this chance to pivot your store. Listen to any feedback you may have received and upload a new batch of designs that are different. Keep repeating this process until you find winners.

Or should I go big?

Alternatively, people find success in Print on Demand by throwing literally thousands of designs on their stores and hoping one of them sticks. For marketplaces like Etsy and Ebay this can be a costly venture from the start with listing feeds. However, if just one of your designs goes viral and starts hitting your revenue goals it could be lucrative.

Whichever route you decide we recommend grabbing an account with Yoycol. They are one of the best Print on Demand suppliers on the web with over 700 Unique Designs for you to tryout your designs.