You Won’t Believe What’s Trending in Episode 156! 😱 Top 5 Niches of the Week Revealed! 💥

Are you ready for some of the hottest niches in print on demand? Get ready to be blown away as we reveal the top 5 niches of the week in Episode 156! We’ve got a little bit of everything for you this week, from high-end bestsellers to those hidden gems that could be your next big break. So, let’s dive in and find out what’s trending right now!

  1. “My Son-in-Law is My Favorite Child” – A niche that just won’t die! With a BSR of 839, this design is making its creators a fortune. With Mother’s Day approaching, the demand for this niche is only going to grow. Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity!
  2. Lupus Awareness – May is Lupus Awareness Month, and the purple designs are selling like hotcakes. With consistent sales and BSRs ranging from 100K to 152K, this niche is a must for those looking to ride the wave of awareness and support.
  3. King Charles Coronation – The coronation of King Charles III on May 6th has caused a surge in demand for related shirts. With an average BSR of 60,000 in the top 10 designs, you can’t ignore the potential for profit in this niche.
  4. Fabuela – A fun twist on the Spanish word for grandmother, this niche targets a very specific audience. While not as popular as other niches, the sales and BSRs are still respectable, making this an attractive niche for those willing to think outside the box.
  5. Borracho Pero Buen Muchacho – Translating to “drunk but good boy,” this niche may be a Cinco de Mayo leftover or a future trend. With BSRs ranging from 99,000 to over 1 million, it’s hard to say for sure, but the potential for sales is still there.

So, there you have it – the top 5 niches of the week in Episode 156! Don’t miss your chance to cash in on these trends and make your print on demand business a success. Remember, the key is to act quickly and create quality designs that stand out from the competition. Happy designing!

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